Rather than bring pre-assembled solar lanterns and other renewable energy products to developing countries, TayaSo​la engages people by selling the individual components (rechargeable batteries, solar cells, LED bulbs, etc.) and educational curricula from which they build custom power and light systems that are modular, user-friendly, and adaptable.

Lantern Kit
A Global Problem

When the sun goes down, the lights go out.  Equatorial countries have 12 hours of darkness, 365 days a year.

Cell Phone Kit

Charging smart phones and small appliances in rural Kenya is often quite challenging.People often walk long distances to charge their phones.

  • NO Power = NO Light for studying, cooking or pursuing additional income.

  • 7M Kenyan households lack access to clean affordable power

  • 1.5B people worldwide are similarly affected



  • the most common solution, is hazardous, costly and dirty

  • Kenyan goverments spends hundreds of millions to import

  • approximately USD $0.50 /day on kerosene = 1/3 of a family's

       daily income

  • Fumes cause vison and respiratory problems