TayaSola Update: Moving On To Make And Sell Products In Kenya

Posted on December 23, 2013 by Steve


In April of this year, I posted about a startup company that wanted to produce little solar light kits that could be used by Kenyans who had no electricity.  The company, TayaSola, wanted to use the kits to teach kids about solar energy and give them a way to escape from dependence on dangerous kerosene lanterns.




Why I support Tayasola

Posted on April 1 2013 by MikeG.


Change starts with a vision, but a vision cannot come to life in a vacuum.  As a Peace Corps volunteer in Niger, I spent most of my time doing one essential activity: developing relationships.



Tayasola Lantern Kit

Imagine the possibilities of nations with the knowledge to generate their own clean power! Reliable, adaptable lighting & energy for millions burning kerosene..